Weight per Foot of Railing Systems

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Weight per Foot of Railing Systems

Would you please provide the weight per foot of the 5 choices listed under Railing System?

Rick Brice
Weight per Foot of Railing Systems

I'll put that on the feature request list.

The railing system choices are taken from the Traffic Barriers library. Typically an owner/agency will define a PGSuper configuration with templates and library entries (such as girders, barriers, criteria, etc.), that reflects their standard of practice. When creating new projects using an owner/agency configuration all the defaults will be set to the values you expect and things like traffic barriers will be defined per your state standards. If this were done, you could select a barrier by name and not worry about the details because it would be a standard you are familiar with. See the PGSuper Administrator Guide for details (https://www.wsdot.wa.gov/eesc/bridge/software/Documentation/PGSuper/5.0/...)

You can add your own traffic barriers to a project library. The weight per foot can be computed from the cross section dimensions and barrier material or you can define a weight per foot directly.

Traffic barrier loading, and all other loading, is listed in the Loading Details chapter of the Details Report.

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