PGSuper Library and Templates Package Configuration

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PGSuper Library and Templates Package Configuration


I have a question about the PGSuper library and template package configuration. 1 week ago, PGSuper started giving the following error when I tried to update library templates "An error occured while accessing the list of publishers". I saw the discussion about the same problem on this website and did the following steps.

1) I tried to download the library and template packages using PGSuper and got the error message above.
2) I thought that it is because of a firewall on the computer and closed all firewalls/antivirus software installed to my computer. Got the same error above.
3) I thought it is because of a hardware / software problem on my computer. I took my computer, went to a different place with WI-FI, PGSuper worked perfectly. Came back to my home, tried again, got the same error above.
4) Then I concluded that it is my modem router. Closed the firewall on the modem, got the same error above.
5) Then I thought it is because of my internet provider. I called my internet provider, they accessed my modem router from their office and told me "modem router is not blocking anything and working perfectly"

I have completely no idea about how to fix this problem. I have service from 2 different internet providers, both started giving the error above at the same time. Does anyone has any idea what can be the next step?

Best Regards.

If you are trying to connect to TxDOT we might have a solution

Thanks for being so complete in your question. We have had several users with similar problems and have not been able to find a 100% solution. The problem might be due to "Public" and "Private" network settings in Windows, but I just don't know for sure.

In the meantime, we have set up a TxDOT mirror site at that appears to work for most users. Instructions on how to set up PGSuper can be found at:

Richard Pickings, P.E.
BridgeSight Inc.

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