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Plan View For Large Projects

I have recently started using the software and I had a question regarding the model plan view. I have several spans in my project and the plan view looks very clutered, is there a way to zoom to a certain span?

 Unfortunately, there is no

 Unfortunately, there is no zoom function for the bridge plan view. The only option is to maximize the window as large as your monitor allows. If there is a problem selecting specific girders to edit or report, use the Edit | Girder and other functions from the main program menu. This is a known deficiency and may be addressed in a future version of PGSuper if funding is allocated.

Richard Pickings, P.E.
BridgeSight Inc.

Rick Brice
You can reduce some of the

You can reduce some of the clutter by turning off the labels in the view. Right click in the view and select View | Settings. On the Plan tab, uncheck the label options to hide them.
Richard Brice, PE
Software Applications Engineer
WSDOT Bridge and Structures Office

Rick Brice
Would you please send me your

Would you please send me your PGSuper project file? I'd like to see the screen clutter and see if there are some easy ways to clean it up.

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