"A" dimension of WFDG with UHPC

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"A" dimension of WFDG with UHPC


I'm designing a simple span bridge using WFDG girders with UHPC closures and my question is about the "A" dimension.

In standard plan 5.6-A6-10-WFDG-UHPC-GIRDER DETAIL 1 OF 5, there's no "A" dimension in the girder schedule, and in standard plan 5.6-A6-15-WFDG-UHPC-END DIAPHAGM DETAIL, there's no "A" dimension called out in SECTION A as well, but there's a note under Section A stating "see girder sheets for dimension A".

So I'm wondering if there's a "A" dimension for WFDG (UHPC). I know there's "A" dimension for other type of girders but not sure for this one?


Rick Brice
"A" dimension of WFDG with UHPC

It appears that the note from Section A was copied from a similar detail for girders with cast in place deck. There is not an "A" dimension for girders without deck. I'll let the standards SME know. Thank you for bringing this to our attention.

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