Exporting Data to Excel Produces Two Live Loads

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Exporting Data to Excel Produces Two Live Loads

I have two bridges that are relatively similar - see PGSuper files attached. When I select 'Export Graph Data' from the Analysis Results Graph View it exports 2 columns for each truck in the Bridge 9 file, but only 1 column for each truck in the Bridge 10 file. I'm exporting Rating Factors for all spans when the bridge is open to traffic.

I'm struggling to understand why Bridge 9 has two sets of rating factors for each truck, and what the difference is between each column. The load rating report appears to be enveloping the rating factors from each of the two columns. Thanks in advance for any help figuring this out!

Rick Brice
Exporting Data to Excel Produces Two Live Loads

I've exported multiple load rating graphs for each file. Each time only one rating graph was selected and the Excel file has only one set of data.

The results you indicate have not been able to be reproduced. Please provide additional details to reproduce the problem.

The Excel export feature exports only data for the selected graphs. Make sure you have the same number of graphs selected for each file.

Hi Rick - Thanks for the

Hi Rick - Thanks for the reply! I'm still getting two sets of data for Bridge 9. Maybe I'm not articulating what I'm doing clearly. Here's the process I follow:

1. Select 'View' > 'Graph' > 'Analysis Results - After Erection'
2. Configure the graph inputs with:
'Plot By Loading',
'All Spans', 'Girder A',
'Interval 19: Open to Traffic',
'Rating Factor'
3. Under 'Loading' I select 'Inventory - Moment'
4. Under 'Structural Analysis Method' I select 'Simple/Continuous Envelope'
5. Lastly I click "Export Graph Data" and save the excel files locally for each bridge.

For both files Excel Column A is 'Distance From Left End of Left-Most Girder (ft)' and Excel Column B is 'Inventory, Moment'. However, Bridge 9 also has data in Excel Column C with heading titled 'Inventory, Moment (2)'. I'm struggling to understand how the data in Column C is calculated.

I've added the exported Excel files and a screenshot that better illustrates the issue to my original post. Thanks for your help!

Rick Brice
Exporting Data to Excel Produces Two Live Loads

Thanks for the detailed steps - I was able to reproduce the problem.

After two hours of debugging, I'm still not sure why there is a second set of data. It seems to be irrelevant.

This problem does not occur in the latest beta for 7.1, which tells me that whatever the problem is, it has been corrected.

I don't have a lot of time to dig into issues that have been fixed, but I'll look at this again when I have time.

Thanks Rick - I appreciate

Thanks Rick - I appreciate you digging into this! I will check out the beta version of 7.1. Do you have an idea of when version 7.1 non-beta will be released? We're considering updating to Version 7.1 for the load rating of these bridges, but it may depend on if the release date corresponds with our RFC submittal.

I also just want to note that we appreciate the added 'export to Excel' feature. I know this has been available on the Professional version, but it is nice to have access to it in the WSDOT release. It helps us provide better post-processing and presentation of load rating data.

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