WF Thin Deck Girder Flange Thickness

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WF Thin Deck Girder Flange Thickness

I'm trying to model WF-TDG girders with plumb webs and a 5% superelevation on the bridge. It appears PGSuper varies the flange thicknesses on the left and right edge automatically. Is there a way to keep the top flange thickness 3" on both edges? Or is it WSDOT's policy to thicken one edge of TDGs when keeping webs plumb? PGSuper file attached.

PGSuper version

Binary Data WF36TDG.pgs160.47 KB
Rick Brice
WF Thin Deck Girder Flange Thickness

It's not really a formally stated policy. Our understanding of the local fabricators forming system is that bottom of the top flange is flat. You might consider checking with potential fabricators to understand their capabilities.

PGSuper only has the option of tapered top flanges for WF-TDG girders with plumb webs.

It is my understand that BridgeSight's PGSuper Professional has a beam in their Oregon library that keeps the top flange thickness constant. You can contact BridgeSight for more information.

Thanks for the quick response

Thanks for the quick response Rick. We will check with the fabricator.

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