Angle Point

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I am having difficulty creating a PI angle point in PGSuper. The instructions on the built-in help document, under 'Horizontal Alignment' says "A PI angle point can be modeled in the alignment by defining a horizontal curve with a Radius, Entry Spiral Length and Exit Spiral Length of zero." If I do this, the model creates no angle point or horizontal curve; i.e. the bridge is modeled as two straight spans.

In addition, the smallest radius I can define is 12ft, which is 1/2 of my deck width. If I input a smaller, nonzero radius, such as 11 ft, the model geometry gets weird, for lack of a better term.

Is it possible to model a horizontal turn w/o a radius (i.e. angle point)?

I've attached my model for reference.


model_AnglePoint.pgs99.2 KB