Beginning Video 1 - Design a TxDOT I-Girder Using PGSuper

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Narrated: 38 Min

New Users Start Here!! Learn the steps required to use PGSuper in a production engineering environment. In this narrated tutorial, Richard Pickings provides an introduction to using PGSuper to design a precast I-girder in a real TxDOT bridge.

The TxDOT Bridge Layout plan and Span Details for the example bridge used in this tutorial can be downloaded here: Red Mud Creek Layout.pdf, Red Mud Creek Span.pdf

This session explores:

  • Configuring PGSuper's Program Settings
  • Basic Bridge and Girder Editing
  • Report Generation
  • User-Defined Loads
  • AutoCalc Mode
  • Using Library Entries
  • Viewing Graphical Results

Red Mud Creek

 Note that the file for this video is about 16 Mb, so it may take a few minutes to download. Please be patient.